Traveling South Africa

We hope that you might find the following info useful, and that it will take away some of the strain that is often part of planning a trip. South Africa is a very special country with huge variety when it comes to the scenery as well as its people. We hope that you will enjoy your stay here! 

International Embassies in South Africa

For a complete listing of all embassies, consulates or other foreign representation in South Africa, click here

Passports & Visa

Every person seeking to enter South Africa must be in possession of a valid passport for travel to South Africa and, where necessary, a visa. Enquiries can be directed to South African diplomatic representatives abroad or the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria. Visitors who intend travelling to South Africa's neighbouring countries and back into South Africa are advised to apply for multiple entry visas.

In terms of existing arrangements, passport holders of certain countries are exempt from visa requirements. Tourists must satisfy immigration officers that they have the means to support themselves during their stay, and that they are in possession of return or onward air tickets. They must also have valid international health certificates. (Source)

Download the SA Visa Application Form  


The central areas of the larger cities have a criminal element that preys on unwary tourists. Do not walk alone in apparently deserted places especially at night; wherever possible walk with a group. Be on the look out for pickpockets and bag snatchers. Do not carry more cash than required. Do not wear jewellery. Wear a money belt that fits under your clothes. Don't carry a lot of camera equipment especially in the major cities. Keep a photocopy of the first few pages of your passport, visas and air tickets, separately from the original documents. Beware of thieves posing as police officers. (Source)

Police Tel.: 10111  

Monetary Unit

 We use the South African Rand. Click here for a Currency Converter.


For an update on the weather in Pretoria, visit the South African Weather Service. Weatherline Tel.: 082 162 


Travelling to and around Pretoria - SA Maps

Airport Shuttle
Mobile: 0861 748 8853

Corporate Shuttle
Mobile: +27 82 450 6088
Office: +27 12 343 9532
Fax: +27 12 343 0739

Airport Shuttle
(incl. same day courier service)
Mobile: +27 82 492 0823

Rixi Taxi
Tel.: +27 12 362 6262

Flight bookings (incl. car hire)
South African Airways

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